The Last of Us: Left Behind is the game's final story expansion

Naughty Dog confirms "We don't have any more single-player DLC planned."

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The Last of Us: Left Behind represents the only story expansion Naughty Dog plans to release for its acclaimed PlayStation 3 action game, the developer has said. Community strategist Eric Monacelli explained on the PlayStation Blog that while new multiplayer content is in the works, "We don't have any more single-player DLC planned."

Left Behind is a prologue to the main Last of Us campaign and focuses on Ellie and her friend Riley. It is described as "playful" compared to the main game, though it will contain "extremely challenging" fights.

Regarding how many hours of gameplay it contains, Monacelli said, "It'll be a good length. Depends on how good you are and what difficulty you're playing at really."

Left Behind, which represents the first single-player DLC Naughty Dog has ever created for any game, launches on February 14--Valentine's Day. It is included with the $20 The Last of Us DLC season pass and can purchased separately. The Last of Us was one of the few titles Sony demonstrated this month during CES 2014 running on the company's new PlayStation Now streaming service, which goes into beta later this month.

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