The Last Of Us Episode 8 Trailer Sees Ellie Encountering New Survivors

Joel voice actor Troy Baker also appears to have a notable role in the next episode.


Has Ellie met new friends, or foes? That's the main thrust of the Episode 8 trailer for The Last of Us, which also sees Joel still struggling to survive after suffering a brutal abdomen laceration. Warner: Major spoilers ahead.

HBO released the newest teaser on YouTube, and it previews one of Ellie's most impactful encounters from The Last of Us video game. A leader named David is offering her a place within their group. These new survivors seem very religious, though Troy Baker's James thinks it may be God's will for her to die. (Baker voices Joel in the game series.)

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So David obviously doesn't have the full support of his survivor group to bring Ellie into the fold. And for her part, she's not just going to trust total strangers while Joel fights for his life in the basement of an abandoned house.

Now in the video game, David and his crew are actual cannibals who end up kidnapping Ellie. She gets away, but they pursue after her. This leads to a showdown in a burning building, where David almost strangles Ellie to death. But she grabs a hold of his machete and ends up chopping him to bits.

The HBO series has altered various aspects of The Last of Us so far, so this may not play out exactly the same. That said, it's pretty clear from the trailer that David and Ellie will come to a head by the end of Episode 8.

On a more light-hearted note, The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin got Ellie's trusty knife tattooed on his arm. Additionally, 10-year-old Sam actor Keivonn Woodard was recently able to meet his NHL hero.

The newest episode of The Last of Us will air this Sunday night on HBO.

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