The Last Of Us Episode 7 Trailer Teases Another Flashback And Left Behind DLC

Be prepared to explore more of Ellie's past.


As The Last of Us enters its third act, the show will seemingly go back in time before proceeding forward. HBO has teased Ellie's background in the Episode 7 trailer, strongly implying the Left Behind add-on content from the video game will be properly adapted. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The video begins with Ellie getting into a fight at a FEDRA boarding school during the flashback. She's told by a man in authority afterward that if she can just follow the rules that she'll become an officer. But as we know, that just isn't going to happen.

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We then are introduced to Riley, portrayed by Euphoria's Storm Reid in the show. She disappeared from the boarding school but has surprisingly returned to update Ellie on her happenings. This leads to the couple hanging out at an abandoned mall.

Ellie uses the opportunity to convince Riley that she should come back. However, Riley has joined the Fireflies since leaving school. This revelation leads to an argument, but there are bigger problems to deal with at the mall after infected are detected by the pair. "Get ready to run," warns Riley at one point.

This trailer also hints at Ellie searching for medical supplies to tend to Joel after he got shivved in Colorado in the last episode. Though more of the Episode 7 teaser focuses on the flashback, particularly Ellie's relationship with Riley.

Speaking of Ellie, actress Bella Ramsey recently revealed she got a blackeye filming the fifth episode of The Last of Us. Another behind-the-scenes nugget uncovered includes the word "zombie" being banned on the HBO show's set.

The next episode of The Last of Us premieres Sunday.

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