The Last of Us Episode 5 Trailer Lets A Bloater Out To Play

Joel and Ellie's situation grows more dire, as Kathleen seeks revenge.


Things aren't getting any easier for Joel and Ellie. A new teaser for The Last of Us highlights that the pair have found themselves in a messy situation in Kansas City that they wanted no part of to begin with. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

HBO has released The Last of Us Episode 5 preview on YouTube, which showcases that Kansas City isn't in the best shape. In fact, Kathleen (portrayed by Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynsky) sarcastically tells a group of what seems to be prisoners: "Haven't you heard? Kansas City is free." This is interspersed with footage of chaos in the metro area.

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Kathleen is determined to get her revenge on Henry, who she believes played a part in her brother's murder. Henry is seen at the end of the fourth episode of The Last of Us holding Joel and Ellie at gunpoint. But by the looks of this trailer, they will soon be working together.

But Kathleen isn't the only adversary Joel and Ellie need to be wary of in the upcoming episode. The preview also showcases their first encounter with an infected called a Bloater in the video game franchise. This enemy is even more dangerous than the Clickers, and it was foreshadowed when Kathleen and her right-hand man stumble upon an impending crater in an abandoned building.

The wait will be shorter than usual to see what happens next with Joel and Ellie. HBO will release the next episode of The Last of Us on Friday, February 10, instead of its usual Sunday timeslot. This change is happening so the series can avoid competing with Super Bowl.

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