The Last of Us ending details leaked

Information surrounding end of Naughty Dog's upcoming postapocalyptic game emerges ahead of release next month.


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Gamers hoping to experience The Last of Us without having the ending spoiled will want to be careful on the Internet for the next few weeks.

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Eurogamer reports that ending details have leaked from the demo version of Naughty Dog's postapocalyptic game included with God of War: Ascension. Its files were cracked open and a series of spoiler-filled file names for every The Last of Us cutscene came to light.

This information reveals the fate of several characters and strongly suggests how the game will wrap up, according to Eurogamer. In addition, a list of the game's weapons and information about its multiplayer mode have been published.

The Last of Us launches June 14 exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog has not commented on the leak thus far.

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now anyone can come up with n outrageous ending and it will grow and grow , so if you go by believing half of what you see and none of what you read you will be okay , gossip sometimes destroys peoples lives , but , it's the people who spread it that are the one's who have no life ..

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@Gojomez Get an ad blocker, problem solved.

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Its the commercial before the video, there isnt much you can do about that.

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wolfs did it

Avatar image for RockZillaX

cant wait

Avatar image for GrayF0X786

the ending has three different coloured themes. red blue and green.

Avatar image for Nova_Prime_85

....... This is eerily familiar to the Mass Effect 3 leak....

Avatar image for lamprey263

I'm guessing Nathan Drake had a dream... it was Nathan Drake all along, not just lazy development recycling characters.

Anyhow, is there actually any leaked material online? I tried looking but I just find warning articles warning people that leaked spoiler info is circulating.

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Can't wait to buy this game upon release!! The wait is killing me!!!

Avatar image for hadlee73

It was all a dream!

Avatar image for Viral-venom13


I use to read Word Up magazine, Salt n Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine!! XD

Avatar image for mikayd2

@Viral-venom13 @hadlee73

Hangin' pictures on my wall. Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl.

Avatar image for Viperr234

Joel dies and Ellie gets infected and captured by the games main antagonist. There is no cure.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

@Viperr234 If that turns out to be true than I"m gonna come looking for you, and you're gonna be real sorry friend.

Avatar image for rigbybot127

@trollmeister83 @deadpeasant You're just bullshitting, right?

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

So yeah, the developers overlooked some cracks, but really, at the end of the day, I blame these people who pull apart these games and dig this stuff out and ruin it for everyone. Man, sometimes, I just really don't like people.

Avatar image for xolivierx

Jamie Lanister is getting punched in the face

Avatar image for JusXice

that a careless move on the developers part

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Many gaming related sites said users posting and spoiler info will be banned. I hope Gamespot does the same.

Avatar image for CommodoreRaslin


That is an overly harsh punishment for something that was never a crime or wrong. You are essentially punishing somoene just because you felt they did wrong even though they actually did nothing that was morally wrong and if the players and community both feel that they did nothing wrong then your punishment is simply because you yourself are personally upset and therefore if you punish those people you will have to punish yourself.

Avatar image for weetbix23


This is a gaming website. People that come here clearly do not want to know how a game ends. It's like posting how a book ends on book review sites. Even if you think that it's not 'morally wrong' it still doesn't mean you have to be an ass and post the ending for everyone to see.

I haven't been following this game because I don't have a PS3 but if I knew the ending to Bioshock without even playing it I would be very pissed

Avatar image for lymmea

@weetbix23 @CommodoreRaslin Not necessarily true. I game regularly and I frequently, intentionally spoil myself for how games are going to end while I play them. Sometimes I'm so invested in the story or in certain characters that I have to know what's going to happen, and I don't feel like either having to blaze through the game or having to agonize over the possibilities whenever I'm NOT playing. So I look up spoilers, and that allows me to either relax or brace myself (depending on the nature of what's coming) and play the game more leisurely. In some cases, spoilers help me decide if I want to buy a game to begin with - I opted out of Mass Effect 3 because of what I learned about the story through spoilers, because I knew I wouldn't like how the game ended up for the Shepard I'd been running through 1 and 2. It's a different and likely not as common a way for gamers to play games, but it's no less legitimate than NOT wanting spoilers.

That said, the right of people who don't want spoilers not to BE spoiled is important and should be respected; everyone should get to enjoy games how they want to. There's a difference between putting up information you've learned about a game to potentially inform other gamers, marked as spoilers in an appropriate space, and trolling a game site by laying spoilers out like bear traps where people could unwittingly step into them without meaning to. And, without repercussions and website moderators, there WILL be trolls. It's a sad fact of human nature.

Avatar image for WheelerJared

Well. Looks like I won't be in the comments section on any gaming site until I play this. Bye guys. See you next month.

Avatar image for ahmed74

I won't be seeing this!

Avatar image for BelaidKL

You know what... Whoever intends on playing the game and then goes off and reads info as big as what's been leaked never deserved to play the game in the first place... From this moment on.. This leak is dead to me

Avatar image for Shielder7

I just hope they don't change it, people who want to be spoiled are going to anyway.

Avatar image for TruthTellers

I get the feeling that the game is going to be one of the best experiences this year, but the ending is going to be something akin to that of Final Fantasy X in that it makes no sense whatsoever. Either that or the ending is going to be very underwhelming. So long as the two protagonists don't end up in a spaceship bound for Earth or listing lazily in space or take place in space in any way, shape, or form, it shouldn't suck too much.

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

Why so surprised? The title tells somehow the end "The LAST of US" its clear that one lead character will die.

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

@KiriharaZro I always thought the "Us" just referred to humankind as a whole.

Avatar image for stev69

Lol rookie mistake ND.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13


Yep and it's gonna cost them in a professional way! XD

Avatar image for deadpeasant

I've just searched for them and read them and I have to say it took a bit of time to find them. Its not like many people will stumble across them by accident yet every gaming site has warnings that they are out there. Seems a bit overboard really.

Avatar image for lymmea

@deadpeasant The concern is that some people will find the spoilers and then troll gaming sites by plastering them all over the forums for people to unwarily stumble across. I'm honestly surprised you wouldn't recognize this as a possibility; did you see what trolls were doing when the last book of Harry Potter came out? That kind of behavior is the concern, not that people are going to somehow accidentally stumble across the original source of the leaks.

Avatar image for X_Colbert_X

Bruce Willis turns out to be a ghost the whole time.

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

@X_Colbert_X I see dead people o.O

Avatar image for Hurvl

It's good that it won't come to PC then, because I hate getting things spoiled for me, though it's hard to avoid it on the internet. I partially blame myself, because if I happen to read a comment and realizes that it spoils something I don't always stop reading and go somewhere else. I haven't bought Half-Life 2 Ep. 1 and 2, because I knew there was a cliffhanger ending to the second episode and only wanted to play through them when you got some closure with the next episode. As if that's going to happen now :P.

I also accidentally watched a Steam friend's screenshots of Bioshock Infinite and read a comment here about the ending. That got at least some of the ending spoiled for me and I haven't even played Bioshock 1 yet (partially spoiled twists there as well) because of my backlog. Yep, it ain't easy being me :P.

Avatar image for daviz88

expect nothing less from the guys who brought us UNCHARTED.

Avatar image for BillyColeman

fucking ppl ruining stuff for us i ant looking i'm waiting like a good dog i just hope Naughty Dog' dont say **** you and hold it back now

Avatar image for Jyakotu

I don't care, I'm not going to search for spoilers of any kind. I want to get my hands on The Last of Us and finish the game myself.

Avatar image for the_requiem

I guess the ending is that the guy or both of them die? OR they go all "twist ending" and one of them turns and other has to shoot her/him? I have a simple rule, if a story looses its value once ending is known, it isn't worth watching in first place. Sixth Sense, even with its ending, is a well made movie that you can rewatch even if you know how it ends.

Avatar image for gzg9jg

I don't care about this. What I want is to play the game and finish it myself.

Avatar image for lanasrj

This is the kind of thing you don't report on, so it goes away and is less likely to happen in the future. Because even if you wanna make it the Pulitzer story of the year, all the player has to do is ignore it and play the ending themselves

Avatar image for Ryuuken27

Let me guess the ending, they die? Am I right? Probably not, they want to cash in as much as possible for the 3 years to come. Seeing an ending is pretty worthless if you haven't played through the game, if you're not Halo 4, with it's messed up, depressing ending, making you wanna shoot every able body on that last ship, before going into a deep depression. You gotta be a fanatic to defend Devs these days, their work needs some prozac.

Avatar image for bksonic123

Why would they name the cutscenes after their content? Couldn't they have named them "Cutscene_1, Cutscene_2", etc? Now I have to avoid all of the forums because of this.

Avatar image for Oil_Rope_Bombs

@bksonic123 Now I have no idea how game development works, so this is just a hunch, but I think it's a lot more easier and descriptive to name them something like "evilaliensattackfrommars" than "Cutscene_x" so they can return and edit them instead of having to go through dozens of cutscenes to find the right one.

Avatar image for TheSkyrimStatue

@bksonic123 maybe they were going for something interesting like 'nicole is dead'

Avatar image for punkpunker

why did the dev have a demo that is essentially a full game in the first place?

Avatar image for Ryuuken27

@punkpunker It's not a full game. The demo is a cut out of the game. The list of names are there because they are point notes. There could be as much as 1000 notes inside a single exefile.

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