The Last of Us artist posts image of what looks like an older Ellie, but it's only "fanart"

Artist Marek Okon says the image is "strictly personal" and is "loosely based on The Last of Us universe."

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Freelance artist Marek Okon, who worked on The Last of Us, posted a piece of art today on his Facebook page of what looks like an older version of the Ellie we know from last year's game. It also looks like she is holding a guitar.

Okon said about the image: "Let me tease you something... It's coming... ;]" So are we looking at the first image of The Last of Us 2? It doesn't sound like it.

"[The] image you are referring to is a strictly personal one, just loosely based on The Last of Us universe. I guess you could say it's a fanart," Okon told GameSpot today. In the comments section of his original Facebook post containing the image, Okon elaborated further.

"So before its [sic] gonna get blown out of proportions [sic] - it's gonna be strictly personal image. Is it about TLOU2? Not really... Maybe... It's classified ;P But seriously it's gonna be just a fan art ;]"

In February, The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann said the chances of Naughty Dog making a sequel to The Last of Us were 50/50. The Last of Us launched in June 2013 and has sold more than six million copies to date. A sequel may not be on the immediate horizon, but Naughty Dog is bringing the game to the PlayStation 4 this summer through The Last of Us Remastered.

In addition to The Last of Us Remastered, Naughty Dog is working on a new Uncharted game for PS4. And according to a teasing tweet from The Last of Us director Bruce Straley, there may be a third project in the works. "I got goosebumps playing & talking thru a prototype a designer was sketching in yesterday! That's how I know... #GonnaBeAwesome"

Image credit: Marek Okon
Image credit: Marek Okon

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