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The Last Of Us 2 Coin Location Guide: Where To Find Every Coin

Coin collecting in video games has certainly come a long way since Mario Bros. In this essay, we will show you where to collect all the collectable coins in the post-apocalyptic collect-a-thon video game, The Last Of Us Part II.

[WARNING: We've done everything we can to minimize spoilers in this walkthrough so you can enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now.]

If you're reading this guide, you've no doubt gathered that The Last Of Us Part II has no one, but two different types of collectibles. You've no doubt found all the trading cards using our Last Of Us 2 trading card guide, and now you're here to finish the job... with coins! There are 32 coins in total to find in the game's second half, and doing so will earn you a PlayStation trophy that you can show off to all your friends and relatives when they ask you what you achieved this month.

The coins can certainly a little bit trickier to find than the trading cards, not just because they're smaller, but some of them are certainly in some devilish locations. In this guide, we'll point you towards the location of every coin in the game, divided by chapter. As we recommended in the trading card guide, for additional help we recommend turning on the game's High Contrast mode in the accessibility options, as well as the Enhanced Listening Mode in the Navigation and Traversal accessibility menu if finding these things means a lot to you.

Need help with some other parts of The Last Of Us Part 2? You're in luck, because we have a bunch of guides going up for those that need a little extra helping hand in the post-apocalypse. Check back often, as we'll be posting it piece by piece gradually. We recommend bookmarking our Last of Us 2 guide roundup, which we will keep updated with the latest walkthroughs and guides as they get published.

The Park

1. Virginia

At some point, you'll be able to enter a bathroom and from within you can break a window to get into the fenced area beside it. When you grab the dumpster, you'll find a Virginia Coin.

Seattle Day 1

The Stadium

2. Alaska

After leaving the apartment, turn left and look on the ground to find the Alaska Coin.

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3. Maine

Keep moving until you find a big concrete staircase leading down; when you hit the area where people are washing laundry, walk across the next staircase to the other side and find the Maine Coin on a bench.

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4. New Jersey

Once you're past the dog kennel, walk past the guard with their feet up on a desk, toward the door, and look along the right edge of the walkway to find the New Jersey Coin.

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5. Vermont

Ahead, you'll pass through a shooting range. Just past it, turn left and look in the locker beside the door for the Vermont Coin.

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On Foot

Hardware Store

6. Kentucky

As soon as you enter the store, turn to your right and look for a low gray table with two folding chairs beside it. On it, you'll find the Kentucky Coin.

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7. Massachusetts

Push through the barricaded door to reach the checkout counters. On the counter of the farthest one from the entrance, you'll find the Massachusetts Coin.

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8. Ohio

When you find a moveable ladder on a catwalk near a boat, stand the ladder up against the wall beside where you find it to climb up onto the roof of the room you just passed through. You'll find a card table there with the Ohio Coin on it.

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9. Indiana

Back outside the boat shop, break the window on the side of the portable building to get inside and find the Indiana Coin on the desk.

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The Forward Base

10. California

After getting out of the truck, look for a group of soldiers talking and standing beside a railing. Go up on the concrete behind the railing beside them to find the California Coin.

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11. New Mexico

Through the gate from the parking lot, turn left and instead of approaching the tent ahead, go left of it around to a dead-end of portable toilets. On a crate on your left is the New Mexico Coin.

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12. South Carolina

When you get inside the hotel after passing through the medical tent, check the long table to the left of the entrance to find the South Carolina Coin.

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Seattle Day 1

Hostile Territory

13. North Dakota

Early on in this chapter, you'll have to climb onto an RV to reach an open window. Inside, check the drawer of a dresser for the North Dakota Coin.

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The Coast

14. Alabama

Once you move past the cargo yard, you'll climb up a ramp onto an underpass. Head up toward the crashed cars and dead end, away from the ferris wheel, to find a body and the Alabama Coin.

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15. West Virginia

When exploring the crashed ferry, you'll climb some stairs. From here, cross to the other side of the ferry and turn right to walk to the end of that deck, where you'll find the West Virginia Coin beside a teddy bear.

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16. Utah

When you reach the bridge of the ferry, you'll have to climb a ladder to get to the top of the bridge. From here, don't jump off yet; instead, turn around and check behind the metal crow's nest stand on the other side of the hole you just exited to find the Utah Coin.

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17. Mississippi

As you approach the Aquarium, jump into the fountain to find the Mississippi Coin.

Seattle Day 2

The Shortcut

18. Nevada

After leaving the aquarium, continue until you hit a waterfall. To its right, you'll find a barbershop. Check by the cash register for the Nevada Coin.

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19. Colorado

You'll stumble upon an optometry shop soon after leaving the highway. Check the windowsill opposite the Westbrook Optix sign to find the Colorado Coin on it.

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The Descent

20. Illinois

You'll wind up in the pool of a hotel. Swim down to the filter to grab the Illinois Coin from the bottom.

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21. Oregon

After dealing with a shambler, you'll cross a beam to get to the next room, and jump a gap to reach the floor below. When you land, turn around and jump the gap to the room behind you. Check the shelf on the right for the Oregon Coin.

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22. Wisconsin

When you drop to the level with daylight, check the bedroom right behind where you land for supplements. Pass the next area and exit into the elevator shaft. When you jump down, smash the vending machine on the other side of the elevator door to your left to release the Wisconsin Coin into the coin return slot.

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23. Rhode Island

When you get outside onto the big outdoor patio, jump the bar in the center. At one end, near the opening that lets you get behind the bar, check underneath for the Rhode Island Coin.

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24. Missouri

You'll have to swim to make it to the hospital. Once you're through the gate, turn right and walk through the broken window into the building with the hardwood floor hallway. At the end is the Missouri Coin on the ground.

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Ground Zero

25. Washington

You'll be led down through the hospital toward a glass hallway. Before you enter it, look for a counter to the left of the door. Go behind it to a cash register to grab the Washington Coin.

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26. Hawaii

After defeating the big enemy, you'll enter a new section of the parking garage. Head to the left from the door and look for a security booth. Break the window and you can grab the Hawaii Coin from inside.

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Seattle Day 3

The Marina

27. Kansas

Before you head out, turn around and walk back toward the stairs on your right. Go up and turn left to reach the round rail, where the Kansas Coin rests on the ground.

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28. Louisiana

Get down to ground level and push forward to a train station. You'll see stairs to the left a ramp; go past the ramp on the right side to get behind it and find the Louisiana Coin on the ground.

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The Island

29. Idaho

After landing, climb the ladder up to an overpass. Turn left and climb into the back of a nearby truck to find the Idaho Coin.

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30. North Carolina

Keep moving onto a road. You'll see a waterfall ahead, where you'll drop down. Look for the open door of a car before you drop to grab the North Carolina Coin.

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31. Montana

You'll eventually come across a logging camp, with your goal being the mill on the far side, which is marked by torches. Before leaving the area, head to the building across from the mill. There's a ladder on the far side of the building that will get you up to the second floor. Go across to the opening on the opposite side and look on the crate with bags on it on the right side to find the Montana Coin on top of it.

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Old Town

32. Arkansas

Work your way through Old Town until you pass through a convenience store. When you reach the street outside, you'll need to crawl under a semi-truck with the Harste Brewery name scrawled across it. Before you go under, turn left and look for a shopping cart. Behind it on the ground is the Arkansas Coin.

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...and congratulations! You are done, you've found all the coins in The Last Of Us Part II! Now you can continue enjoying the rest of the game without having to worry about looking for tiny shiny things. If you need some help with other parts of the game, be sure to visit our Last of Us Part II guide roundup.

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