The King's Man Pushed Back To August 20 By Disney

Yet another delay for the prequel that's been delayed a couple of times already.


The third movie in the Kingsman franchise, The King's Man, has been bumped from a March 12 release date to August 20 this year. The move was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, and this film alone is one of many that has had multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic--when it was first announced in 2020, it was expected in theaters September 18 of that year.

Despite being the third movie, it's actually a prequel set decades before the first two movies in the Kingsman series, and as such, it doesn't feature star Taron Egerton. It explores the origins of the franchise's secretive spy organization. Check out the film's official trailer below.

While the film's cast doesn't include Egerton, that's more than made up for in the star power provided by Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Goode, and Stanley Tucci. Meanwhile, director Matthew Vaughn will be returning to helm the prequel.

In the same announcement, Disney also indicated that its 20th Century Studios release of the Bob's Burgers movie has been changed from an April 9 release date to being unset--but have no fear, as The King's Man once also was reclassified in this manner. We have also seen movies during the pandemic be the opposite of delayed--the recent divisive Monster Hunter movie is one such example of a film having its release date actually moved up.

That's definitely something to keep in mind and maybe hope for given the avalanche of movie delays that were announced recently, including Morbius, plus the Uncharted movie and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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