The Jester Festival Returns to The Elder Scrolls Online

Run amok in the world of Tamriel as you sow the seeds of chaos and fear equipped with pastries and gags in the Elder Scrolls Online's Jester Festival.


Can't wait until April 1st to join a band of fools? Well, The Elder Scrolls Online Jester Festival rolls back into the Kingdom March 26 to April 2. Players will be able to partake in quirky quests, earn ludicrous loot, and all-around audacious acts while earning double XP and gift boxes.

The event starts after players speak with the jester versions of Queen Aythe, Jorunn the Skald, or High King Emeric in the Jester tents outside of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. Once the party starts, you can receive a different daily quest from each jester to earn Jester's Festival reward boxes that contain themed collectibles and consumables. Along with a Stupendous Gift Box with premium goodies and new fragments for the Sovereign Sow pet.

The fools folly didn't forget about the flying custard filling the faces of ferocious and frantic festival folk. Players can acquire Revelry Pies to fling at any and everyone they come across to earn pie based achievements and experience. Each Elder Scrolls Online account can receive up to three event tickets per day, 24 total during the course of the event for the mathematically inclined, for ridiculously renditions of pets and other collectibles. It will all pop off the morning of Thursday, March 26, at 10:00 AM EDT.

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