The iPhone 13 Could Finally Shrink The Notch, Before Apple Removes It Entirely

If you're holding out for an iPhone without the large notch at the top, you might be waiting until 2022 at the earliest.


The iPhone 13 could finally be reducing the size of Apple's recognizable notch, with the model in 2022 almost eradicating it entirely.

The latest report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, via The Verge, details plans for Apple's 2021 devices and the small changes they will introduce. Despite poor sales, Apple seems confident sticking with another iPhone mini, which will benefit from a slightly smaller notch along with the rest of the iPhone 13 line. The Pro models of the range will also reportedly be upgraded with 120 fps displays, something which numerous Android devices have had for years.

The report also details future Apple plans regarding iPhone models in 2022 and 2023. The successor to the iPhone 13 might be the first big redesign Apple will implement since the introduction of the iPhone X, with the notch being completely replaced by a punch hole design for the selfie camera. How Apple intends to fit the cameras required for FaceID into this design, if at all, has yet to be seen.

Apple is also reportedly in the early phases of designing its own foldable iPhone, although Kuo warns that this is still years away. The earliest Apple might reveal the product is 2023, with reports that earlier this year the device was still in the design phase of production and not even confirmed for any release in the future.

Apple generally hosts an event near the end of the year to announce its latest suite of iPhones, so it will be a while before any of these reports are confirmed.

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