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The Interview Makes $31 Million Online

Controversial Seth Rogen/James Franco movie hits new milestone.

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Sony Pictures' controversial comedy The Interview has made more than $31 million through online and video-on-demand revenue through its first week-and-a-half since release on Christmas Day. The film company announced the new revenue milestone this week (via Variety), adding that the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie banked more than $5 million in its limited theatrical release.

That combines for around $36 million in total revenue since release, against a reported $75 million budget that includes production and marketing costs. These figures are accurate as of January 4.

The Interview was originally scheduled for a wide theatrical release on Christmas Day. However, the movie's subject matter--the assassination attempt of North Korea's leader--reportedly led to the massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures.

Hackers threatened violence against theaters that showed the movie, leading Sony to cancel its theatrical release. Following criticisms from US President Barack Obama, Sony reversed this decision, and brought the movie to hundreds of independent theatres across the US.

For its digital release, The Interview was initially available only on YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox Video. However, it later rolled out for iTunes, PlayStation Network, and various on-demand providers.

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