The Internet Is Having A Field Day With The GameStop Stock Situation

There's no shortage of meme stock to invest in, as the Internet is responding to the latest Wall Street and GameStop debacle with a flood of jokes.


Video game retailer GameStop has been in the news all week, as a hedge fund attempt to "short" stock and make a quick buck met unlikely resistance in the form of subreddit group r/wallstreetbets.

Users of the social media platform decided to throw their weight behind GameStop, bought up as much stock as they could, and in turn managed to drive up the value of the company while costing hedge funds billions in the process.

This resulted in a turbulent week on the stock exchange, as short-seller Citron Research and r/wallstreetbets exchanged verbal blows, investment app Robinhood temporarily stopped users from trading GameStop stock, and the White House began officially "monitoring" the situation.

Amidst all of this, social media platforms have had a field day with all the drama, dropping plenty of memes and having a good chuckle at the ensuing madness.

Here's a look at some of the best jokes to emerge from this week's Wall Street debacle:

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