The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Rancho Del Arroyo Expansion Adds Five New Animals And More

The next big update for the hunting game from Expansive Worlds has been announced.


theHunter: Call of the Wild is getting a big new expansion called Rancho del Arroyo that takes players into a new reserve inspired by the Sonoran desert of northern Mexico to hunt new types of game.

Rancho del Arroyo has five new animal species to hunt--including the pheasant--along with a new pump-action shotgun and a harsh environment to explore. There are also some new story elements in the expansion that will involve "uncovering a century-old family mystery."

The expansion also adds a new hunting feature in the form of "flushing." This is the strategy of strategically advancing on pheasants to "flush" them out into the open where they can be shot more easily

"When we looked at where in the world to place our new reserve, based on feedback from our dedicated community, we knew that hunting in a huge, sprawling desert was something fans of the game would enjoy," Sacha Karsenty of Expansive Worlds said. "With a vast new reserve to explore, filled with unique animal species, an exciting new update to gameplay, and a powerful addition to the weapon arsenal, we can't wait to hear about the adventures our players will carve out under the desert sun in Rancho del Arroyo."

The five new animal species in Rancho del Arroyo include:

  • Mexican bobcat
  • Antelope jackrabbit
  • Rio-Grande turkey
  • Ring-necked pheasant
  • Collared peccary
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As for the new reserve you'll be exploring, the new space has abandoned mineshafts, dusty roads, and big mountains in the background of the sweeping desert location. The new Couso Model 1897 16-gauge shotgun is good for close-range hunting, and it can carry up to five shells.

Finally, Expansive Worlds announced that anyone who owns Rancho del Arroyo can invite someone who doesn't into a multiplayer experience so they can try it out. Players who don't have the expansion cannot play the narrative missions, however.

Rancho del Arroyo launches soon for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, priced at $8 USD.

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