The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Gets Bloodhound Dog DLC

You can level up your dog by giving it pats and treats so it can help you find animals in the hunting game.


The hunting game The Hunter: Call of the Wild, from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studio's sister developer Expansive Worlds, is adding a hunting dog as DLC. The Bloodhound dog is coming soon to the hunting game across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as a $4 USD DLC pack.

Known for its excellent sense of smell and tracking instincts, bloodhounds have been used in real-world hunting for a long time. In the game, the hound will help you track animal blood as you hunt down prey.

Expansive Worlds product owner Sacha Karsenty said in a statement that adding a hunting dog was one of the top-requested features from fans since the game launched in 2017.

"With the Bloodhound DLC, we’re incredibly excited to bring one of the most requested features to life, and give players the opportunity to hunt alongside this gentle, yet incredibly effective scent hound," Karsenty said.

Expansive Worlds recorded the movements of "fantastic real-life dogs" in a studio using motion-capture technology to make the bloodhound look as real as possible in the game.

"Thanks to their amazing performances, we're able to bring animations to life with even more realism and deliver the experience our players have come to expect," Karsenty said.

Throughout the DLC, your dog will earn experience points that can be spent on improving tracking skills and other "companion attributes." Forming a bond with your dog is important, too. Petting it, giving it treats, and being nice to it will help strengthen your bond. What's more, the dog can be male or female and you can customize its coat. In total, you can have more than 20 dogs in your roster.

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