The HotSpot - Team Meat - 12/07/11

What's next for Super Meat Boys Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes? Here's a hint: a new roguelike, an iOS project. Possibly not in that order.


Super Meat Boy
The Binding of Isaac

Content warning: Explicit language ahead, more so than usual. Now that we have that out of the way…

Shockingly enough, The HotSpot plays home to real and actual news this week, as Team Meat's Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes swing by the studio to tease their next project. Taking lessons learned from The Binding of Isaac, Team Meat is cooking up a new roguelike, as well as an iOS project. One in the same? Perhaps. Tom Mc Shea, Kevin VanOrd, and Tom Magrino join the two to talk about the team's past and future, as well as, somewhat awkwardly, what happened to Tommy when he went to Hawaii this summer.

The HotSpot - Team Meat - 12/07/2011 by gamespot

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