The HotSpot - Saints Row, Need for Speed - 11/23/11

Of dildo bats and played-out tropes, The HotSpot crew tackles Saints Row: The Third and Need for Speed: The Run.


World of Warcraft
Saints Row: The Third
Need for Speed: The Run

Hear me out on this: Including a bat shaped like a dildo--indeed, uttering the phrase dildo bat--is a progressive step for the game industry. Seriously, that's an argument that's made, as Carolyn Petit, Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Tom Magrino tackle played-out tropes in the context of Saints Row: The Third. Also, Need for Speed: The Run does not leave us breathless, panting, begging for more. I mean, after that run? We're not even winded!

The HotSpot - Saints Row, Need for Speed - 11/23/11 by gamespot

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