The HotSpot - Portal 2, Saints Row, Bastion - 3/9/2012

The writers of Portal 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Bastion talk to The HotSpot about creating stories true to a game's design and going about it in the right way.


Saints Row: The Third
Portal 2

Volition says Uncharted 3 is easy, unchallenging. That's right, folks, and if you want proper context for this shocking revelation, you'll have to wade oh, say, 38 minutes into The HotSpot's Narrative Design podcast. Portal 2's Erik Wolpaw, Chet Faliszek, and Jay Pinkerton are joined by Saints Row: The Third writer Steve Jaros and Bastion's Greg Kasavin to talk with Tom Magrino about writing good stories that are true to their design, breaking immersion with voice controls, and relieving expletives like dick tits.

The HotSpot - Portal 2, Saints Row, Bastion - 3/9/12 by gamespot

Wouldn't it be cool if all of these GDC podcast videos were cobbled together in one place? Oh my gosh, that's actually something that has happened!

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