The HotSpot - Infinity Blade II - 11/30/2011

Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard stops by The HotSpot to talk iPhone 4S poster child Infinity Blade II; claims no knowledge of Professor Plum whereabouts.


Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II is no Angry Birds. Yeah, I said it. Shaun McInnis, Kevin VanOrd, Giancarlo Varanini, and Tom Magrino take a seat with Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard, who politely informs us that comparing a game like Infinity Blade II to Angry Birds is kind of dumb. That seems fair. We also talk about the importance of creating a game that suits its platform, and Chair's plans to make use of the PlayStation Vita's ability to run Unreal Engine 3 (Hint: they currently aren't). Shadow Complex 2 questions are asked, promptly evaded.

The HotSpot - Infinity Blade II - 11/30/11 by gamespot

Note: The video doesn't kick in until about the 9-minute mark. Apparently, if you want the video to record, you need to hit the record button pretty much when you're ready to start, and no later than that.

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