The HotSpot - 11/9/11 - Post-Modern Warfare 3

Activision delivers its latest high-octane shooter, and The HotSpot crew responds; plus, Mass Effect 3 beta leaks and, really, why was Dark Souls' ending so lame?


The HotSpot enters its adolescent years in its journey to video competency, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than with the game on loads of adolescent boys' wish lists, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Chris Watters, Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Tom Magrino delve into how fun, and amoral!, it is to wreck wanton paths of destruction in Activision's latest, before launching into the particulars of the leaked Mass Effect 3 beta.

The HotSpot - 11/9/11 - Post-Modern Warfare 3 by gamespot

iTunes/Zune/etc.: It's not here yet; I don't know what to say. RSS here, audio above, video below.

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