The HotSpot - 10/26/11 - Charting Out Uncharted 3

The HotSpot crew steps away from the Battlefield 3 mania, taking up instead Uncharted 3, news of Grand Theft Auto V, and BlizzCon.


Sure, Battlefield 3 may be the hot new hotness this week, but you can go absolutely anywhere on the Internet to hear dudes in a room wax poetic about that thing. The HotSpot crew is talking Uncharted 3! Tom Mc Shea, Kevin VanOrd, Brendan Sinclair, and Tom Magrino discuss why Uncharted 3's propensity toward taking control away from the player is A-OK with us. Also, Grand Theft Auto V is officially a thing that's happening, and we issue our hopes and dreams for what it will be. (Hint: L-A, No-Way. Chant with me people!)

The HotSpot - 10/26/11 - Charting out Uncharted 3 by gamespot

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