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The Hogwarts Legacy Summer Update Is Available Now, Adds Photo Mode

The free update also includes new cosmetics, new broomsticks, and a major quest change.


Avalanche Software's wizarding world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, just received its summer update, which features a plethora of new features, from new cosmetics and broomsticks to the expansion of a quest that makes it available to players on all platforms.

Another aspect of the update that players are likely to be pleased with is the addition of a new photo mode that allows players to photograph their extracurricular magical exploits and provides a number of character poses and other options to make it easier to capture a picture-perfect moment.

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The update also includes a series of new character cosmetics and new brooms, allowing players to zoom around the Hogwarts campus in style. All of the update's features--including cosmetics--are available for free (though it's possible some of them must first be unlocked in-game via quests or other activities). Some of the new cosmetic items featured in the update include:

  • Azkaban Coat
  • Azkaban Prisoner’s Outfit
  • The Glasses That Lived
  • Lavender Borealis Broom

One major change included in the update is the ability to reset talent tree points. This will allow players a chance to change up their build and experiment with different playstyles on a single character, as opposed to starting a new one from scratch just to try out some different talents.

Additionally, the Hogwarts Legacy summer update has expanded access to the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest, which was previously available only to PlayStation users. As of the summer update, players on all platforms can take part in the quest and earn quest-exclusive rewards, including the Shop Keeper’s Outfit and the ability to gain ownership of their very own Hogsmeade shop.

Other previously exclusive items are now available to all players, including the Onyx Hippogriff mount and the Felix Felicis Potion Recipe item.

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