The Hardest Boss In Diablo 4 Has Already Been Defeated

Lilith who?


Diablo 4 has only been officially out for less than a week, and one player has already managed to clear its hardest challenge and defeat the most challenging boss, all while playing in Hardcore mode.

Thanks to Wowhead, we know that a Twitch streamer who goes by the name Ben_ was able to defeat Lilith. Ben_ defeated her with their Barbarian class character and used their "Spinnywinny" alongside other moves that complemented his Whirlwind damage to help him defeat the demon.

For those who are unaware, the Echo of Lilith is an optional level 100 boss players can fight. The only way players fight her is by completing the main game first and progressing to the final World Tier. On top of that, she's a lot stronger than her non-Uber phase, and every time she hits a player, they receive a debuff that makes them take even more damage. And on top of that, whenever a player dies in Hardcore Mode, permadeath is enabled. So if they had died during the boss fight, there would have been no way of getting that character back.

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