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The guy with 1 million Gamerscore isn't stopping anytime soon

Raymond Cox--better known as "Stallion83"--now wants to collect every Xbox One achievement.

Image credit: Xbox Wire
Image credit: Xbox Wire

What's next for the guy who reached 1 million Gamerscore earlier this year? He's not going into retirement; quite the opposite. Speaking with the Xbox Wire, Raymond "Stallion83" Cox says his next goal is not to get two million Gamerscore, but rather to collect every available Xbox One achievement.

"I'm really loving the Xbox One, so I do have one last super-ambitious goal. I want to, at some point, chase down every last Gamerscore point available on the Xbox One. Even if it is for one day or 2 hours. That target is ever-moving and today I'm about 200 achievements away or roughly three- to four-thousand Gamerscore, right now, as we're talking," Cox said.

Cox also said he might be more likely to chase this goal if Microsoft had Gamerscore leaderboards on Xbox Live, because that way he'd know where he stacks up with other players.

"Maybe I can catch it in the summer, or maybe at the first of next year. Maybe I'll never catch it. It may never happen, but I'll give it a shot," he added. "A thing that might keep me going like this for longer is if Xbox Live ever gets official Gamerscore leaderboards. People like leaderboards. Just saying."

Also in the Xbox Wire interview, Stallion83 recalls that the original Gears of War's "Seriously!?" achievement was one of the toughest to unlock. "I worked on that for several months straight, back when the game released -- and I regret nothing!" This achievement requires 10,000 kills in ranked matches.

Recalling his final run to 1 million Gamerscore, Stallion83 said, "I barely slept, but I did eat well, and drank plenty of water!" He crossed the 1 million mark in March while playing Respawn Entertainment's multiplayer shooter, Titanfall.

In November 2013, ahead of his 1 million Gamerscore accomplishment, Microsoft gave Stallion83 a lifetime membership to Xbox Live Gold in the form of a physical card with his name engraved on it.

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