The Greatest Video Game Villain of All Time...Revealed!

Who has claimed the title of the greatest video game villain ever? And which GameSpot user can lay claim to the title of best bracket in the competition?


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At long last, the bloody battle has come to an end.

It began with 64 of the greatest villains in video game history stepping out of the shadows to do battle for the prestigious title of "all-time greatest." The mantle of mayhem. The bowling trophy of badness.

And when the battle began, it began in earnest. Evil clowns faced evil clowns. Evil female computer AIs struggled against evil female computer AIs. And a whole cavalcade of doctor-versus-doctor-versus-doctor matchups kept us all on the edge of our seats.

The competition introduced great villains from all walks of life--villains who got their start in video games, and in some cases, villains who made their debut in other media. Films. Comic books.

But none could overcome the greatest force of evil in known space.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the winner of this epic competition. The greatest game villain ever to put the boots to the good guys.

Here it is.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Waaaaait for it.

We present…the All-Time Greatest Game Villain!
We present…the All-Time Greatest Game Villain!


At long last, victory!

Bask in the glory!


…I know, right!



No…that's not right.

Let's try this again:

Ladies and gentlemen!

The greatest video game villain of all time is none other than:

All right, NOW we present the All-Time Greatest Game Villain!
All right, NOW we present the All-Time Greatest Game Villain!

Yeah. No, that's--yes, that's better.

Kerrigan (that's Sarah Kerrigan), also known as the Queen of Blades and the leader of Starcraft's insidious Zerg aliens, has triumphed in this competition and has earned the title of All-Time Greatest Game Villain. More importantly, user 00Wu has chosen the winningest bracket and is the winner among user votes. Aside from various emblems and other prizes, this user has earned the ultimate reward--bragging rights for picking the best villain bracket in town.

Yes, this year's competition has drawn to a close, and GameSpot thanks everyone who participated by building brackets, casting votes, and creating image kits. But are these competitions truly over? Could there be another contest for more all-time greats in the history of video games? You'll just have to stay tuned to GameSpot to find out.

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