The Great Escape E3 2003 Preshow Report

Gotham Games’ stealth-action game, based on the classic movie starring Steve McQueen, will be shown at E3. Check out the latest details.


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The Great Escape, a stealth-action game based on the 1963 movie of the same name, is currently in development at Pivotal Games, and will be a part of Gotham Games’ E3 2003 lineup. The plot of The Great Escape revolves around a group of allied officers who have been imprisoned in an escape-proof Nazi POW camp. Though the camp is said to be impenetrable, your crew of officers also happen to be highly-skilled escape artists, giving you the advantage against the camp’s defenses. Once you’ve escaped the camp, however, you will still have to make your way out of enemy territory without being caught by the Third Reich’s evil Gestapo agents.

The game will have four playable allied officers, each with their own unique skills, strengths and sagas. A total of 20 levels will be featured in the game, including the crowded Nazi POW camp, an ancient Teutonic castle, a moving train, and an active Luftwaffe airfield. The Great Escape will also contain more than 10 different World War II era weapons and methods of attack, providing an era-realistic combat experience. Vehicles will also be readily available for chase missions within the game, giving you the ability to commandeer jeeps, APCs, trucks and motorcycles to race away from the pursuing German army. The Great Escape will also see the posthumous return of Steve McQueen, the star of the original movie. The game will feature a lifelike representation of the star, as well as his voice and infamous swagger.

The Great Escape will be available on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, and is scheduled for release this summer. We will have more on The Great Escape in the coming weeks.

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