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The GLOW Cast Wants A WWE Crossover And Here's How It Can Happen

GLOW vs. Southpaw Regional Wrestling? Make it happen, WWE!

As the cast of GLOW prepares to get back in the ring for Season 2, some of them have their eyes set on a bigger prize. Could the WWE be in their future? It might sound crazy, but stranger things have happened in professional wrestling.

While it's unlikely that any of the actresses on the show would turn to wrestling full-time--outside of Kia Stevens, who previously performed in WWE as Kharma--they aren't necessarily against giving it a shot. It's hard to blame them, given that they're being trained by Chavo Guerrero Jr. Besides, there are plenty of instances of WWE superstars making those far less experienced looked better than they have any right to. Right, Jeremy Piven?

"I would love to get in the ring with some of these pro wrestlers because they're so good," GLOW star Alison Brie said during a group interview about the show. "And I feel like they could make me look better than I am or worse; it's a gamble. At the same time, it scares me a little, and I think that my biggest question about doing something like that, to me is like, would I want to do it as Zoya, am I doing it as Ruth?"

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This is where things get tricky, but GameSpot has an idea that both Netflix and WWE should seriously consider. What if the cast of GLOW crosses over into the WWE universe in-character. While they might seem out of place on Raw, Smackdown Live, or NXT, there is one offshoot of WWE where they would fit in perfectly: Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

If you somehow missed out on the Southpaw Regional Wrestling original shorts WWE released online and via the WWE Network, you're truly doing yourself a disservice. The faux wrestling federation is set sometime in the 1980s and sees WWE superstars like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and more portraying new characters in this incredibly silly promotion.

Bridging the world of GLOW with that of Southpaw Regional Wrestling would be so simple in execution if WWE and Netflix could come to some sort of agreement. After all, these two rosters of over-the-top characters were practically made for each other. Who doesn't want to see Zoya the Destroyer (Brie) have a verbal showdown with Dan Bandana (Bryan) over who loves their country more?

However, it could also lead the ladies of GLOW to make their debuts on WWE TV as wrestlers. Thus far, members of the cast have been in attendance at a WWE pay per view, leading Britney Young (Machu Picchu) to declare her love for WWE Raw Women's Champion Nia Jax. "I want to meet her so bad," she told GameSpot during a group interview. "We saw her at No Mercy and she literally dropped three women." Getting into the ring seems like a logical next step.

If Heath Slater can appear on Raw as his Southpaw character "Impressive" Pelvis Wesley, anything is truly possible. Perhaps the girls from GLOW can throw out an open challenge to Southpaw's Debbie Desperado, played brilliantly by Natalya in Season 2 of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. If there anything you can trust in the ring when it comes to working with wrestlers who have limited experience, it's Natalya--and she's bound to put on a great match, regardless of which cast member she's paired up with. You can even introduce Nia Jax as her enforcer if you want to make Young's dreams come true.

The second season of GLOW premieres on Netflix on June 29. You can see both seasons of Southpaw Regional Wrestling on YouTube.

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