The Game Awards Big Reveals Teased: "Pretty Major Stuff"

"Probably six or ten of our games are things that people don't know exist."


The Game Awards take place this Thursday, December 9, and organizer Geoff Keighley has offered up some teases for what to expect in terms of announcements and reveals.

Speaking to USA Today, Keighley said there will be "four of five things" on the level of Elden Ring's gameplay trailer at Keighley's Summer Game Fest event in June. "Oh, God, there are probably four or five things of that level. I can't wait to show people this stuff," Keighley said.

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More broadly, Keighley said many of the announcements this year will be new IP instead of sequels.

"You'll have the known quantities of like, 'I want this developer doing this game,' or 'I want this sequel.' But what if there's this new IP? Probably six or ten of our games are things that people don't know exist, but we're going to reveal them at the show in a fun way," Keighley said. "We'll see how it all plays out, but I feel pretty good."

He added: "It's a very diverse lineup from a lot of studios across the industry. It really did come together this year. There will always be people that will be disappointed that X game is not there or the studio didn't show up with something. But by and large, I think it's one of our stronger lineups that we've had across the entire show."

Keighley went on to say that there will be some "pretty major stuff" to show in the first 30-45 minutes of The Game Awards this year.

Overall, Keighley has told fans to expect 40-50 games in total to show up at The Game Awards, including about 10 announcements.

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