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The Epic Mega Sale launched last week, marking the digital store's first-ever sitewide sale, and it offers some pretty sweet game deals if you don't mind owning them through Epic. The sale includes discounts up to 75% off, an additional $10 off any game over $15, and refunds on recent purchases to adjust for the current sale price. In addition, Epic is expanding its biweekly free game giveaways through the duration of the sale so that customers will get a new free game every week instead of every other week.

The newest free game follows the adventures of a young boy who washes up on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. If this was a Switch discussion, you'd think we were talking about Link's Awakening, but the game in question is Rime, a puzzle game with a gorgeous, intriguing setting. Similar to Journey or The Witness, Rime involves environmental puzzles that require paying close attention to how the world around you shifts in response to your actions. Along the way, the boy is guided by a fox and slowly regains his memory of how he came to be on the island.

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The game earned a 6/10 in GameSpot's Rime review, in which critic Oscar Dayus took issue with the game's frustrating puzzles and confusing story. However, the visuals and soundtrack come together to create a beautiful and even relaxing setting. "Rime's artistry is unquestionable. Each world is enchanting in its own way, from the naturalistic peace of the first to the abstract doom of the last. Its soundtrack is similarly beautiful, capable of evoking wonder, tension, and fear in equal measure," he wrote.

Don't forget that the free game posted last week, horror anthology Stories Untold, will also be available to claim from the Epic Store until May 30. At that time, both Stories Untold and Rime will be replaced by the next free game, City of Brass, a first-person dungeon-crawler with an Arabian Nights-themed setting created by former BioShock developers. An Epic account is required to claim any free titles from the Epic Store.

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