The First Teaser Trailer For Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power Has Debuted During The Super Bowl

Amazon Prime's upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show has premiered its first teaser trailer.


The first teaser trailer for Amazon Prime's upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show, Rings of Power, has arrived. In the minute-long TV spot which first debuted during the Super Bowl, we get our very first look at some new and familiar faces in Middle-earth during the Second Age, a glimpse at the world's sweeping scenery, and of course, no shortage of action. Take a look at the trailer now.

Though the spot takes us through different corners of Middle-earth, the most notable might in fact be Numenor, an island realm that was at the height of its power during the Second Age. Home of human kings (many of whom were the recipients of Sauron's rings, some of whom went on to be corrupted into shadowy Nazgul), the kingdom was a major player before it inevitably fell and sank into the ocean. There are undoubtedly plenty of stories to tell here--both newly invented for the show and outlined within Tolkein's canon--so it's something to keep an eye on as the promotional efforts for Rings of Power continue to ramp up.

In addition to Numenor, we also get a voice over from an unnamed character who has a bit of Hobbit-like wonder in their voice as they ask us to consider the wonders beyond our wandering. Hobbits are also an unusual case for the Second Age as their actual evolutionary status that far back in Middle-earth history isn't entirely clear, so whether we'll be seeing a familiar Hobbit village or something new has yet to be determined.

There are also some blink-and-you'll-miss-them looks at the Dwarves in the show, including Prince Durin and Princess Disa within their home of Khazad-dum or Moria, before it fell into the tomb-like nightmare the Fellowship will later encounter, as well as looks at young Galadriel and young Elrond in action.

Rings of Power premieres on Amazon Prime on September 2.

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