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The Finals Open Beta Is Too Popular For Its Own Good, Receiving A Login Queue

Developer Embark Studios says the game's servers are currently at their limit.


The open beta for The Finals, the free-to-play shooter from the ex-Battlefield developers at Embark Studios, is proving to be popular among players. So popular, in fact, that Embark says the game is close to hitting the limits of its server capacity.

The Finals kicked off its open beta on October 26, giving players on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 a chance to try out the frenetic, team-based FPS firsthand. In a statement posted to the official The Finals Twitter account, it seems the team at Embark wasn't quite ready for just how popular the beta has become, calling the first 24 hours of the beta "wild" while also announcing a temporary login queue as the team looks to expand the game's server capacity.

"With so many of you logging in to the game, we've started to hit the limits of our capacity," the statement reads. "In order to safeguard the experience for those that are playing--and as we work to expand our capacity--we will be introducing a temporary login queue."

Though it's unclear how many players are playing on console, The Finals beta has been among the top-played games on Steam since it went live, peaking at more than 143,000 players so far. The Finals is cross-play and cross-progression between platforms, and Battle Pass rewards earned during the open beta carry over to the game's full launch (though it does not yet have an official release date).

Players can test out the fast-paced shooter and its unique game-show aesthetic for a little over a week, with the beta ending on November 5. A new map, Skyway Stadium, and a new game mode, Bank-It, are both part of the open beta test and haven't been playable in previous playtests. Bank-It is described as a "casual-friendly" mode where four teams of three duke it out to earn cash from vaults and defeated players. In total, the beta includes 20 weapons, 26 gadgets, and nine abilities for players to experiment with.

A new trailer for the game and its beta announcement game as part of Xbox's recent Partner Preview livestream, highlighting The Finals' game-show aesthetic and its robust environmental destruction.

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