The Fallout series will return to Steam, says Bethesda

Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics removed from Steam at start of 2014 due to licensing issues.

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Bethesda has said it is looking to bring the classic Fallout games back to Steam.

Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics were removed from digital distribution services at the start of 2014, with the rights to the older games in the series changing hands from Interplay Entertainment to Bethesda.

Explaining why the games had to be removed from Steam in the first place, Bethesda said "we have to remove existing publisher info, legal text, etc."

Bethesda gained the rights to all the Fallout games after a lawsuit between the two publishers ended earlier in 2012, with the former publisher now owning the merchandising rights to the series.

Retailer, the first online retailer to offer the old Fallout games as digital downloads and knowing that it would soon lose the ability to sell the games on its storefront, offered the three games for free towards the end of 2013 as part of its holiday sale.

Will the Fallout trilogy ever return to "We’ll have a look at other options once we handle Steam," said Bethesda.

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I'm glad I bought the package on steam in 2013 then. Fallout 2 was one of the best games I've played in a long time, I wish modern games would take more examples from it to be honest.

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Bethesda is like the kid who cheats his way through college. I now avoid being a customer to them.

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Got my free copies. But seriously Betshda needs to announce 4 already.

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Who cares?!?! Announce Fallout 4 already!

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I got Fallout 1 for free. Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time, it sucks I can't get into the originals. Turn based combat is not my thing. FO 1 & 2 have a lot of great features, I just can't enjoy the gameplay =(

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hey guys sign here to get bethesda attention :


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Hopefully this means they'll also work on patching out GFWL and integrating Steamworks into Fallout 3

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Hey just to let people know, Steam is shit. really

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@shreddyz and you base this theory on what demonstrable evidence?

It's like hearing from the guy who likes going to the last Hollywood Video store because Netflix "is shit".

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<< LINK REMOVED >>Just because you aren't smart doesn't mean you should tell everyone about it.

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now if only capcom and activision can get round the marvel rights issues

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Wish these would come to PSN. Currently enjoying New Vegas, but damn those load times and freezing issues.

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Good, I got those during GOG sale =)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> me too, got them free, although I've purchased them years ago but who knows what I did with the physical copies.

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i paid for it, i mean it was only like $4.99, im not rich but even i know that fallout is a GREAT series and is worth that $4.99.

P.S STEAM is amazing. Ive bought so MANY old school games now on the Deal days. The crazy thing on STEAM is games like Max Payne 3 are ALSO only $4.99 on deal days. Its kind of crazy really. Its like a gamers paradise. Ive never owned so many games on a platform before.

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why? surely everyone got em for free from gog's giveaway recently

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well, everybody who IS somebody, anyway. ;)

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1 2 and tactics aren't a trilogy. Tactics was a spin off game and an unsuccessful one, at that.

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@GrenadehTactics was/is still a good game though

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I'm glad I long ago bought all these games that are being removed. Either way, you can torrent it, or get it on GOG.

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I don't care if it returns on Steam. I want it back on GOG.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Why? Didn't you get it when they were giving it away? If you didn't get it then, why would you suddenly want to go pay for them now??

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Not a big fan of Fallout 3, but the older games are my favorite wRPGs, after Planescape.

New Vegas fixed a lot of my complaints with Fallout 3, first of all, it was way to easy. Getting perks after each level up made the game boring and leveling trivial. I could just enter a room with baddies and press 'v' button and I would automatically win by headshooting everything inside that room.

There were so many things wrong with that game, that didn't make it feel like a Fallout experience, but Oblivion with guns. To a Bethesda fan, that's a welcoming experience, to me, it's just a decent mod of Oblivion which made it feel like a such disappointment.

Hope Bethesda lets Obsidian do Fallout 4.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh god no, Obsidian made New Vegas horrible. It felt like I was playing on a PS2 again.

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<< LINK REMOVED >>Obsidian has done grat games but it seems they hate bug testing for some reason. Their games are riddled with annoying bugs at launch. They should get a grip.

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@xbr85 @Bhemont Yeah, I'm guessing its because they have lower budget then companies such as BioWare. Remember, Obsidian is on par, if not better storytelling then BioWare, however, they are not owned by EA, unlike BioWare. Chris Avellone (worked on Planescape Torment) is a genius when it comes to storytelling in games and dialogue (played Kotor 2?).

They are working on a classic wRPG, "spiritual successor" to planescape, so I doubt they will be working on Fallout 4, heh, a man can dream though.

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@Bhemont See i ALSO played the old ones and like them and still like them, but i thought vegas was nowhere NEAR as awesome as fallout 3. I even think Fallout 3 was more faithful to the original than vegas was by far. The origial was a turn based strategy VATS game, vegas went further adn furterh and further away from the original i thought. The brotherhood story, the enclave premise. Everything about fallout 3 i thought was better than vegas.

fallout 3 even tied the water situation into its storyline, which Vegas didnt and that was a massive part of Fallout 1 and 2. The whole point of fallout was to go and find water for the vault.

Vegas was just an FPS in the fallout universe with cowboy robots. It had less emphasis on strategy in it than all the Fallouts. I really hope the Fallout 3 guys are doing fallout 4 not the vegas guys

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The story of fallout 1 was not to find water, but a chip that would replace the broken one for their water supply. Fallout 2 was about finding garden of eden creation kit G.E.C.K, had little to do with water though.

The story of Fallout 3 was to make purified water in the wasteland, what I liked about it was the simplicity of the core storyline, ie, it starts out as something simple and becomes so much greater and epic, the father of main character voice by Liam Nieson was quite awesome as well, although I can't forget and forgive the leveling mechanics and the way they designed power armors, it wasn't truthful to Fallout at all, if you truly did play the Fallout games, and enjoyed them, then you should know this.

I don't know about the cowboy robots, but the story telling had a twist in Vegas, which Fallout 3 didn't. Riddled with bugs, yes, but then again so is every Bethesda game that comes out so it is not a factor easily dismissed but community does its job of fixing their titles I suppose.

I would prefer the older games over the new ones every time, but Obsidian does way better storytelling then Bethesda ever does, or can even hope to make. (I've grown so bored of Elderscrolls, the story there is secondary anyway)

Guess people have different opinions, but, Fallout 3 = Oblivion with guns.

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Fallout 4 confirmed! jk

I downloaded Fallout1 on GOG for free, but i couldn't keep playing for long. I guess it is difficult to go back playing old games unless you have good memories with them. My first fallout game was 3.

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if we wait for bethesta confirm anything is like waiting bethesta to fix bugs in their game, they never fix them :(

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No, they don't, the community does though.

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Like many others I got the Fallouts for free from GoG, so no rush on my part Bethesda. Work on Fallout 4 instead.

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Well atleast bugthasda didn't get wasteland.

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The Fallout series is sh!t

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Your opinion sucks.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> so is your pic

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>STFU. my pic is glorious.

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gog has a better emulator than steam. I bought the Fallout bundle on steam years ago and encountered numerous graphical glitches. The gog version had little to none graphical glitches and had plenty of mods available to make the game more stable on the forums.

Bethesda please bring Fallout back to GOG

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<< LINK REMOVED >>Its not an emulator, its that gog is so good they spent extra time fixing the game for their own versions, in steam you just get the often neglected publisher given versions.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Um, no. That's not how it works at all. Fallout 1, 2, and tactics are all Windows native games - they don't use emulators.

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