The Fall Of The House Of Usher Isn't Part Of Mike Flanagan's "Haunting Of…" Series

Flanagan's next Netflix series won't be part of the Bly Manor/Hill House family.


It may be based on classic literature and about a house, but Mike Flanagan's upcoming series, The Fall of the House of Usher, won't actually be part of his "Haunting Of…" series. The writer/director sat down with journalists at Netflix's New York office to talk about the specifics of what makes a Haunting story what it is and shed some light on how he and his production partner, Trevor Macy, actually select which stories get included under the umbrella.

"Our thing with the Hauntings is that they always need to be based primarily on a piece of classic horror literature--ideally something that's been adapted before that we can do something different with [...] the other criteria is that it has to be primarily about ghosts."

Flanagan continued, elaborating that they considered putting Usher under the umbrella, because Poe is certainly a writer of classic horror literature, but stopped short because it's not a ghost story. "There's no haunting there," he explained.

This doesn't mean the Haunting Of… series will never gain a new installment. "What makes the Haunting the Haunting and if and how we could re-approach it is something we talk about pretty frequently because we've always left that door open."

Macy added that it would be "great" to do another installment, but "not everything is the Haunting," at which point the duo agreed that they didn't want to add another entry just to do it, so they plan to continue to be rigorous about what has potential to be included and what doesn't.

Flanagan's latest, The Midnight Club, is on Netflix now. The Fall of the House of Usher does not have a release date on the schedule yet.

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