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The Evil Borderlands 3 Calypso Twins Are "Really Annoying" Streamers

We all know at least one.


Even if Handsome Jack is (kind of) coming back in Borderlands 3, he's not the big bad this time around. In the newest entry to Gearbox's beloved Borderlands franchise, the role of main antagonist is filled by the villainous Calypso twins, the two leaders of a cult called the Children of the Vault. According to Gearbox, the duo are inspired by "really, really annoying" streamers.

In an interview with GameSpot, the studio's narrative managing producer, Randy Varnell, explained more about the evil pair: "We all know those streamers who are really, really annoying and think very, very highly of themselves--and we just took that to the next level. Imagine if they became malicious, evil people who suddenly wanted to take all the bandits and turned them into their own personality--[what if] they militarized their following?"

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"We stylized [the Calypso Twins] like Handsome Jack. At the time Handsome Jack came out, memes were just starting to get popular and Handsome Jack [embodied] that. Now, looking at the culture--how we play and consume and enjoy games together with social media and streaming--we wanted villains and topics that were a little bit more relevant to this release. So [the twins] definitely delve into that."

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