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The Entropy Centre Guide - 01 Puzzles

They're waiting for you in the test chamber.


Do you want the world to explode? Probably not. But maybe! In any case, get into The Entropy Centre and solve puzzles so we have enough entropy juice to reverse our homeworld’s magnificent explosion, should we choose to. How does solving puzzles help prevent the detonation of Earth? You’ll have to solve some puzzles to find out. Here’s some help on getting through the first one.

Note: Knowing the solution to the puzzles may spoil the entropy juice, but how will the game know?

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Puzzle 0101

You have one cube and two switches. The secret to the first round of puzzles is learning to think backward. Your entropy gun can move things backward in time but not forward. You need the first door opened first, then the cube needs to move back to the other switch to open the second door.

Actually go through the door before you try this.
Actually go through the door before you try this.

Pick up the cube and place it on the left switch. Pick it up again and move it to the switch on the right. Leave it there and climb the stairs. Go through the door and look down at the cube. Use your entropy gun to make it moon-walk back to the first switch, opening the exit door. ASTRA, your gun robot, will then tell you how much you suck. Don’t listen, because we think you’re pretty great.

Puzzle 0102

This time, it’s one cube, two switches, and three doors. The button closest to the entryway controls the first and third doors, while the furthest opens the middle. The good news is that this puzzle works the same backward as it does forward.

Think backward thoughts.
Think backward thoughts.

First, place the cube on the switch closest to the entrance. Then move it to the furthest switch. Then move it back to the closest switch and leave it there. Go through the first door. Send the cube back in time to the far switch and go through the second door. Finally, reverse the cube further until it sits on the first switch again. This will open the last door and your way to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 0103

You would think that only having one button and one cube would make things easier. It does, as long as you don’t overthink things. Placing the cube on the button makes the elevator go up. What you need to do is first place the cube on the button, then take it off of the button and put it somewhere your beam can reach it. Stand on the elevator, and reverse the cube until it’s back on the button. That will lift you up to the next area.

It starts on the floor and move back behind the wall.
It starts on the floor and move back behind the wall.

Puzzle 0104

We’re back to two buttons and one cube, but this one is a little different since that cube needs to go into three positions. Once again, we have a moving platform that needs to be activated first, but you have to be on it before it moves.

You’ll want to first place the cube on the right switch, then move it to the left. Before you go anywhere, take the cube and drop it in the middle. Go get on the platform and rewind the cube until it’s on the left switch. This will move the platform. Once you’re across, rewind it back to the other switch, which will open the door and set you free.

It's a bit trickier than it looks.
It's a bit trickier than it looks.

That’s the end of the puzzle areas. You’ll go through a short vignette where the only thing you need to do is rewind falling columns. Once you’re safely in the elevator, it’s onto the next part of the game: the 02 puzzles.

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