The ELITE Series, Canadian crowdsourced Premier event announced

Following the success of the WCS Season 3 finals in Toronto, The ELITE Series is an attempt to host another big esports tournament in the country.


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With their eyes set on a $10,000 prize pool, The ELITE Series is a very ambitious attempt at fostering local Canadian and Western talent in a unique way that lets the fans choose the competition based off of a number of factors like racial match ups as well as specific players facing off against each other. How this will be organized is yet to be revealed. The amount of money the tournament would be offering also means that it will be counted as a official Premier event, which means that WCS points will also be distributed amongst the players.

The tournament is attempting to reach its funding through fan-based pledges, which would make it, along with the fans chosing match ups, one of the most interactive events in the SC2 scene's history.

3 of the potential 16 players have already been announced and they are:

Maru 'MaSa' Kim

Henry 'hendralisk' Zheng

Marc-Olivier 'desRow' Proulx

To fund or read up further on the tournament, visit the tournament's Kickstarter page here.

Image Source: The ELITE Series

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