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The Elder Scrolls Online's PS5 And Xbox Series X Upgrade Detailed

As part of the Waking Flame DLC, The Elder Scrolls Online is emphasizing a smooth frame rate over a massive resolution bump.


Like several other games from the previous generation of console gaming, The Elder Scrolls Online is getting an enhanced edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. As part of the Waking Flame DLC, dynamic resolution scaling for performance mode on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 will be enabled, giving the game a visual performance of between 1080p-2160p and 60fps on the Xbox Series X and PS5, while the Xbox Series S will render the game at 1080p resolution and the same frame-rate.

"As part of the Waking Flame DLC, we are enabling dynamic resolution scaling for performance mode on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, which steps resolutions up and down based on performance metrics," lead graphics engineer Alex Tardif explained in a press statement. "For example, we expect our players on Series X to be running at or very close to 4K at 60fps in performance mode in most situations. On the flip side, the headroom for dropping to as low as 1080p should further prevent dropped frames in high-intensity situations, such as large Cyrodiil battles and certain trial and dungeon boss fights."

For all consoles, except for the base PS4 and Xbox One, a new HDR mode known as Default will be added. This mode aims to retain the look of the game's original artwork while taking advantage of the increased range, but players who'd prefer the game to remain the way it is visually can choose the Vibrant option from the menu settings.

Over on PC, players can try out console render multi-threading through a new opt-in beta setting, with this setting being designed to improve frame rates for CPU-limited setups.

The most recent major update for The Elder Scrolls Online was June's Blackwood DLC that made sweeping changes to the long-running MMO. Companions were added to the game, a new 12-player Trial called Rockgrove was introduced, and numerous other technical tweaks were made at the time. Waking Flame is expected to launch in Q3 this year, bringing with it new item sets, collectibles, and dungeons to explore.

As for The Elder Scrolls VI, that game is still currently in the design phase of production as the studio focuses all of its attention on the upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield.

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