The Elder Scrolls Online Gets A Big Update On PS4 And Xbox One

ESO players on consoles will have to fully re-download the game for its new patch.


Get ready for a massive download, Elder Scrolls Online players. The Patching Overhaul in ESO's Update 25 will change the way the game is downloaded, patched and stored on your console--meaning improvements to game load time and a significant reduction in the amount of space taken up on your hard drive.

The bad news is that this update will require ESO to be completely re-downloaded from scratch. The game's auto-update will take care of the full process for you, but be prepared for the update to take some time.

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Update 25 has already been released for PC and Mac, but will be coming to consoles on March 10--so you may need to load up your console early if you're planning to play ESO on Tuesday. [Update: The new patch is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.] The file size for the PC version of this update was 64.22GB, so the console download will likely be similarly huge.

As a thank you to everyone for going through the patching process, all players will be able to get the Crimson Torchbug pet for free in the two weeks following the patch. The Torchbug can be found in the Pets category of the Crown Store, and needs to be redeemed before March 24.

Console players look to benefit the most from ESO's mega update, with smaller patches, more free hard drive space and a host of performance fixes--just in time to add the whopping territory of Skyrim in the game's next major expansion.

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