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The Elder Scrolls Online Director Calls It "One Of The Successful Live-Service Games" With $2 Billion In Revenue

The Elder Scrolls Online studio director Matt Firor recently pointed to the game's $2 billion in revenue, calling it a highly successful live-service game.


There are many live-service games out there, and some of them are quietly raking in millions (or even billions) of dollars without much fanfare. According to ZeniMax Online studio director Matt Firor, The Elder Scrolls Online is one of those games, and he pointed to its $2 billion in cumulative consumer spend (first announced at this year's GDC) as evidence of this.

"ESO isn't often talked about as one of the successful live-service games," Firor told GamesRadar in a recent interview. "But it is, it very much is on just about every level." He further said that the studio revealed the $2 billion stat was intended "mostly to shine a light on the game."

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"I think the [figure] just just just shows the commitment that the players have to the game and also that we at Zenimax Online have," he continued. "It's hugely successful, and we love working on it."

The Elder Scrolls Online first released in April 2014, meaning that the game made roughly $200 million a year in consumer spending for a decade, which is certainly no mean feat. The next expansion for the game, Gold Road, launches on June 3 on PC and Mac, and on June 18 for PlayStation and Xbox. Gold Road will introduce new gameplay systems like customizable Scribing skills, and it will add the West Weald region to the game, which was first featured in Oblivion. The base game is also on Xbox Game Pass, for those who are interested in trying it. Players can purchase it as a standalone upgrade for existing players or as part of a collection that bundles the base game and all previous expansions.

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