The eight seeded players for Ultra Street Fighter IV at EVO were announced today

Lee 'Infiltration' Sun Woo, Eduardo 'Pr_Balrog' Pérez, Justin Wong, Ryan Hart, Yusuke Momochi, Ricky Ortiz, Kenneth 'Kbrad' Bradley and Hajime 'Tokido' Taniguchi are the eight seeded players at Evo 2014's USF IV tournament.


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Lee 'Infiltration' Sun Woo
Lee 'Infiltration' Sun Woo

The seeded players, that seem to be made up of the point standings in the current Capcom Pro Tour, will be placed in eight separate groups out of the 128 currently present at the tournament. Unsurprisingly, the king of Street Fighter for the past two years, Lee 'Infiltration' Sun Woo is atop the standings, but rather surprisingly EVO 2013's Street Fighter IV champion Xian is not among the seeded players.

Out of the eight aforementioned players, five fly the flag of Evil Geniuses, who have become the dominant force in the North American fighting game community in the past two years. Given the stature of the organisation in question, EG players have been able to attend an extraordinary amount of events featured in the Pro Tour, which in combination to their consistent performances have garnered them a proverbial mountain of circuit points.

EVO 2014 is set to take place between July 11-13.

Photo Credit: EVO
Image Credit: EVO

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