The DS Version of an N64 Game Comes to Wii U

Super Mario 64 DS is on its way to the Wii U's Virtual Console.


Super Mario 64

Wii U owners can expect a new game to hit the eShop on August 25. Super Mario 64 DS is the latest game to release on the Wii U's Virtual Console.

Super Mario 64 DS is much like the N64 classic, though instead of Mario walking into the castle on his own, he enters alongside Wario and Luigi. All three go missing, and you have to take control of Yoshi to find and unlock them. The four characters play similarly, though each have their own abilities. Yoshi can lick up enemies and turn them into eggs for throwing, Wario can break bricks that the others can't, and Mario and Luigi both jump higher.

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The DS platformer costs $10 on the Wii U and requires you to play it with the Game Pad for its touchscreen functionality.

Super Mario 64 DS received a score of 8.4 in GameSpot's review. Critic Jeff Gerstmann said, "Super Mario 64 DS is a great update of a classic game. While some portions of the game have aged better than others, and while the control could've been a little tighter, the game is done right enough to make it a faithful update for fans of the original; new players will certainly find a lot to like here, as well. This is clearly and deservedly the flagship game for the Nintendo DS launch."

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