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The Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World TCG Is On Sale At Amazon

Save on decks and booster boxes.


The official Dragon Ball Super TCG, Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World is discounted at Amazon right now. If you act fast, you can grab several decks and boosters for cheaper than their normal prices.

The Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World discounts include the booster box for the new Blazing World expansion set, which is $86 (normally $100), and the Awakened Pulse booster box for $85 (was $121). Both boxes contain 24 12-card boosters, nabbing you 288 cards in total. Each booster also includes codes for unlocks in the digital version of Fusion World.

You can also grab premade starter decks for as low as $15. Each 51-card deck is based around specific Dragon Ball characters, including Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Broly. Check out a list of all the Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World deals in the list below.

It's worth grabbing these sets while you can since recent drama in the TCG's competitive scene makes it sound like the game's developers will soon be banning a few overpowered cards from the latest expansion. It's unclear if this will affect boosters and decks produced in the future, but it's possible some cards may become much rarer.

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Fusion World Deals

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Despite the untimely passing of series creator Akira Toriyama earlier this year, Dragon Ball fans have a lot to look forward to throughout the rest of 2024, including a new TV series Dragon Ball Daima and the upcoming Dragon Ball Sparking Zero fighting game, which is now available for preorder and includes bonus playable characters if you secure your copy early. There's even an edition that comes with Fusion World cards.

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