The Division's Open Beta Patch Notes Show Dark Zone Changes, New Content

Here's everything changing in the open beta for The Division.


The Division's upcoming open beta doesn't consist of the exact same game as what was seen in the closed beta. A number of changes and improvements are being made alongside the introduction of new content.

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While progress won't carry over from the closed beta to the open one, you can use the same installation (provided you haven't already deleted it). An update to that version of the beta will bring with it the aforementioned fixes and updates, all of which are outlined in the update history for the PS4 version. Photos of these patch notes have been shared on Reddit; you can see them below.

The open beta brings new content, including the Subway Morgue mission where you'll encounter a new faction known as The Cleaners. You can also unlock the first upgrade in the Base of Operations' Tech wing, as well as the Deployable Turret skill. There are also new "high-end weapons" to be found in the Dark Zone.

In terms of actual changes, it's the Dark Zone that receives some of the most significant. The number of non-player enemies has been "significantly increased," and these opponents "have been buffed slightly." As for real players, you'll now see an icon on anyone who has shot another players but not hit the threshold to be marked as Rogue (which is the only way for their health bar to turn red). Additionally, chests found in the Dark Zone now refresh much less frequently.

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You can see more of the changes in store for the open beta in the image gallery above. It's unclear if cheating will be entirely stomped out, but Ubisoft has pledged to address those issues.

As with the closed beta, the open beta will start on Xbox One a day before PC and PS4. Xbox One players can start playing on February 18, while PC and PS4 players will get in on February 19. The beta will then run until February 21 (unless it gets extended, too). Pre-loading for the beta begins on February 16.

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