The Division's Next Big Update Out Now, See What's New and Changed Here

Latest free update for the third-person shooter lands today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


It's a big day for The Division.

The shooter's latest major free update, 1.2/Conflict, arrives today on all platforms, introducing a new Incursion, more PvE content, loot changes, and more.

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As GameSpot reported earlier, the new Incursion is called Clear Sky, and it is set in Columbus Circle. You must be level 30 to attempt the raid, which is designed for four players. Hard mode is available now, but Challenge mode isn't coming until later.

As for the new PvE content, there are now High-Level Targets to take out, as well as Search and Destroy missions. The new "hijack" feature for the Dark Zone changes things up by allowing players to cut the extraction rope, causing all the loot to spill on the ground, spoiling other players' extraction attempts.

The update also changes the loot system to be more generous--players can now expect better loot quantity and quality. Additionally, a number of bugs are being fixed with the update, including one that involved players falling through the map in Brooklyn.

You can see the complete patch notes for The Division 1.2 here.

Recently, Ubisoft acknowledged that The Division's end-game content was lacking. The new Incursion and the fresh PvE activities are designed to draw players back.

The Division's 1.2/Conflict update is out now across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Paid expansions Underground, Survival, and Last Stand are coming later.

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