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The Division's New PC Trailer Shows Impressive Nvidia Tech

Do you like ambient occlusion? This is the trailer for you.


Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division, showcasing what the integration of Nvidia's GameWorks brings to the PC version of the game.

Technical director Anders Homquist discusses Ubisoft's collaboration with Nvidia, which allowed the development team to use HBAO+, a technique that improves on current ambient occlusion techniques to make visuals look "richer, more detailed."

Other benefits of working with Nvidia include the opportunity to utilise its PCSS technology to add "realistic soft shadows that progressively soften, as the distance from the casting object increases."

For those that don't care about any of that, the video also offers another look at the game's moody New York setting, which looks very nice. Check it out in the video above.

The Division's release date has been confirmed as March 8. Ubisoft believes it could join Destiny, Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed to become of the biggest new IP launches ever.

The game's open beta attracted 6.4 million players across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, representing a new record for a new IP's beta on new-generation consoles.

A new, 60fps PC trailer has also been released; you can watch it right here.

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