The Division's New Incursion Detailed, As Dev Teases Plans to "Reinvigorate" PvE

The Broken Circle Incursion comes out this month, and now we know more about it.


New information about The Division's next Incursion has emerged, as developer Ubisoft Massive also teased plans to "reinvigorate" the game's PvE component.

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According to Express, the description for The Division's next Incursion, Broken Circle, can now be seen on the game's map. It's mentioned in the description that it will require a minimum Gear Score of 220 to participate. Additionally, the description reveals the Incursion will involve the Rikers.

"Go head-to-head with the Rikers and disable their SAM system to secure the Manhattan airspace," reads a line from the description. It also states that a purple gear set will be handed out to victorious players.

The Broken Circle Incursion comes to The Division in May through the free Conflicts update.

In other news, community developer Hamish Bode said during a recent livestream that Ubisoft Massive has plans to "reinvigorate" The Division's open world PvE areas, according to VG247.

No further details were shared, but a "State of the Game" broadcast is slated for tomorrow, May 4, where more information may be divulged.

The Division launched in March and broke sales records. However, it hasn't been totally smooth sailing, as a number of bugs, glitches, and exploits were discovered after launch. Many of the problems have now been fixed, but more continue to emerge. Ubisoft says it plans to improve the game further in the future; you can read this post to find out some of the ways the developer is tackling cheating and exploits specifically.

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