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The Division's Nerfs Have Upset Fox News

Andy Levy is not happy.


Andy Levy, host of Fox News' Red Eye, has a bone to pick with Ubisoft' Massive, the developer of The Division. His gripe with changes to the game was snuck into a segment discussing the skills every 18-year-old needs to have to navigate college life and beyond, as posited by former Stanford University Dean Julie Lythcott-Haims. Watch the video below (via VG247).

While recounting these skills, which include the ability to manage workload, have good interpersonal skills, and manage money, Levy dropped dropped in this golden zinger: "Be able to gear up your character in The Division despite the way Massive nerfed the crafting system and allows packs of super-geared Rogues to gank you in the Dark Zone--thanks a lot. Jerks."

It's safe to say this is one Fox News opinion we can all get behind. We feel you, Andy, we feel you.

The Division has been going through a particularly rough patch lately, as bugs impacting the rate at which special loot is acquired and damage calculation were discovered.

Falcon Lost, The Division's first raid, was found to contain a flaw that allowed players to acquire high-level items at a rate much faster than intended. Ubisoft has since deployed a fix for the Falcon Lost exploit.

The damage glitch, meanwhile, let players dramatically increase the power of weapons by equipping the Competent talent. The talent is supposed to increase weapon damage by only 13 percent for 10 seconds after using a skill, but by switching between two weapons rapidly for about 5-10 minutes damage would skyrocket. This was also addressed in a recent update.

The last major update for The Division was released on April 12. It introduced a number of features and the raid-like Incursion. A second free update, Conflicts, is coming in May, while paid expansions will follow later.

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