The Division's Last Stand DLC: Not Timed-Exclusive for Xbox One and PC, Lots More Info Revealed

Catch up on all the big news here.


[UPDATE] The livestream has now ended; below is a recap of some of the major points. You can also read this in-depth blog post from Ubisoft to find out a lot more.

Starting off, Ubisoft confirmed that Last Stand and the upcoming 1.6 update will not be timed-exclusives on Xbox One and PC like Underground and Survival were.

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Here are some other elements of Last Stand that Ubisoft announced (we'll continue to update as the stream goes on):

  • There will be PvP and PvE elements
  • A new Dark Zone North area is being added--this will be DZ 7, 8, and 9.
  • The idea for the new Dark Zone North areas was to give players more freedom to explore interior areas as well as rooftops and underground areas. The size of playable spaces has increased, too.
  • The Dark Zone has doubled in size with the new zones, developers say.
  • You can move from DZ 6 to DZ 7. "It is one contiguous space," Ubisoft said.
  • The size of the Dark Zone is growing but the player cap is staying the same.
  • You can fast travel between DZ checkpoints.
  • A new PvP mode called Last Stand is being added. It's basically organized PvP inside the Dark Zone, developers said.
  • The Last Stand mode is 8v8 and it supports matchmaking.
  • There is also going to be a new Incursion with Last Stand; more information is coming later.
  • A release date for Last Stand was not announced, but it will be out on the same day across all platforms.

The original story is below.

Following a teaser video yesterday, Ubisoft will share a lot more details on The Division's final expansion, Last Stand, during a livestream event today.

As announced previously, the show kicks off at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT and you can watch the entire briefing through the Twitch embed above.

While you wait for the event to begin, you can check out Last Stand's teaser trailer here. It doesn't give much away, but shows off some of the environments from the upcoming content.

Last Stand is included with The Division's $40 season pass or it can be purchased on its own for $15. As mentioned, it's the game's final expansion, following Underground and Survival.

A release date for Last Stand hasn't been announced, but we know it will be available first on Xbox One and PC thanks to Microsoft's timed-exclusivity deal with Ubisoft.

The Division's Survival and Last Stand expansions were supposed to launch sooner but were delayed so Ubisoft could fix the game's lingering issues.

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