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The Division's Delayed DLC, Survival, Detailed; Launches on PC for Some

Survival is all about...survival.


The Division's Survival DLC was supposed to come out this summer. However, Ubisoft delayed the expansion in August to this winter, in part to give the developer time to fix the game's "lingering issues." Now that The Division's major 1.4 update is out with fixes, Ubisoft appears to be shifting back to discussing the game's add-on content.

Today, Ubisoft showed off Survival during a Twitch broadcast, finally answering some questions about what the expansion is all about. As Kotaku reports, Survival--as its name suggests--offers a new, optional "Survival" mode where up up to 24 players fight to...survive.

The mode takes place on the same New York City map as the main game. Players need to journey to the center of the Manhattan to find special items. Matches begin with players getting flown into the area on a helicopter; it crashes and players are scattered around the map, needing to find better gear along the way to the center of the map. The action takes place on a snowy version of The Division's main map, and everyone starts with low-level gear items (green) and a pistol.

Players must battle the elements and maintain their own health to survive. Items like scarves and coats now have a "cold rating" and will keep players warm at different degrees. Go to Kotaku or watch the livestream (starting at around 19 minutes in the video above) to learn more about Survival.

PC players who bought The Division's DLC pass before last Thursday, November 3, can play a beta version of Survival today via the game's testing server on Uplay, but not Steam, at least not yet. Survival will later come out for everyone on PC and Xbox One alongside a 1.5 patch, which is free.

All DLC for The Division launches first on Xbox One and PC as part of a marketing deal between Ubisoft and Microsoft; PlayStation 4 gamers will eventually get Survival about a month after Xbox One and PC.

After Survival will be Last Stand, which is appropriately enough The Division's final expansion. It was scheduled to come out this winter, but is now due out in early 2017.

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