The Division Vs. Real Life -- How Accurate Is The Game?

Check out this video that compares virtual versions of The Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge with their real-world counterparts.


Ubisoft's upcoming RPG shooter The Division is set in New York City, but how realistic is the game's depiction of The Big Apple? During a recent trip to NYC, Sony found out. The company today published a video through its PlayStation Access YouTube channel that compares the virtual versions of the Brooklyn Bridge and The Empire State Building to their real-world counterparts.

As you can see, Ubisoft did a pretty good job depicting those locations, as well as others like the James Farley Post Office Building and Madison Square Garden. Of course, The Division's presentation of NYC depicts a future version of the city after the entire United States has collapsed. As such, The Division's NYC is more rundown than what you'd see if you went there today.

The Division launches in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If you have not been blown away by the game yet, there is a possible explanation for that. "[The Division is] a very ambitious game. We are saving many of the most interesting parts for later," Ubisoft Massive managing director David Polfeldt told GameSpot in June. "We have a lot of interesting things in the game that were not shown [at E3]. So there's a lot to come."

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