The Division Trailer Explains the Game's Many Skills and Mods

How you'll get by in post-pandemic NYC.


Ubisoft has put out a new trailer for The Division that covers the third-person shooter's various skills and mods that players will be able to make use of in post-pandemic New York City.

There are three different categories of skills: medical, technology, and security. One of these, from the medical category, is called Pulse. It gives you the ability to see enemies through walls and other obstacles. One of the technology skills is a sticky bomb (pretty much self-explanatory), while the security skills are all about defensive play; a ballistic shield is shown in this trailer, for example.

All skills can also be modded and upgraded, providing even more options. The flash bang, for example, is a non-lethal mod for the sticky bomb. The video also showcases how, when playing in co-op, a team can work together and combine their skills for maximum effectiveness.

In all, The Division will offer 12 skills and 36 mods to choose from. Check out the video above to see and learn more.

After multiple delays, The Division's full release is now scheduled for March 8. An Xbox One bundle featuring a 1 TB system and a copy of the game will be available at launch. Additionally, you can get the game for free with the purchase of a new Logitech mechanical keyboard.

In other news about The Division, modders have already cranked up the game's visuals on PC.

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